Marjaavan movie story review and story

Marjaavan movie story review and story

Young couple Raghu and Zoya enjoy their lives together until a vertically challenged gang leader with harmful intentions turns their world upside down.

Marjaavan Bollywood  Movie Story

Marjaavan movie story review and story

Being a fan of larger than life cinema is a different thing and realizing it on screen is a different thing. Writer-director Milap Zaveri may be a lover of larger-than-life cinema and that is why he brought the same journalist on screen as ‘Marjawan’, but regrettably his lack of conviction and execution was lacking. Despite mixing all the hits of 80-90s films, he has missed making a strong masala film.
A tanker mafia king like Anna (Nassar) was found by Raghu (Siddharth Malhotra) near the gutter in childhood. Since then, Raghu grew up in the shadow of Anna and has been the right hand of Anna in all the dark exploits and bloodshed of the crime mafia. Raghu serves Anna’s orders at all costs, which is why Anna considers him more than his son, but Anna’s real son Vishnu (Ritesh Deshmukh) hates Raghu. Being physically dwarf, he feels that despite being the real heir of Anna, the honor is given to Raghu. The entire colony wants Raghu, including bar dancer Arju (Rakul Preet) and Raghu’s three friends. Raghu’s life changes completely when he meets Zoya (Tara Sutaria), a dumb girl from Kashmir. Raghu along with music lover Tara wants to move on the path of goodness, but Vishnu creates a situation that Raghu has to shoot his love Zoya at his hands. After Zoya leaves, Raghu becomes a dead corpse. At the settlement there, the oppression of Vishnu increases. Will Raghu avenge the death of his love Zoya to Vishnu? Will he save his friends and township from the atrocities of Vishnu? You will know this after watching the film.

Marjaavan Bollywood  Movie Story

We have also seen the story of writer-director Milap Javeri who has woven the story with all the emotions like Pyaar-Mohabbat, Badla, Qurbani. At the interval point, the hero’s murder of his heroine seems a new thing, but due to the weak screenplay, it is unable to make its impact. The kind of larger-than-life characters Milap has put on screen, they seem shallow due to lack of credibility. In the film, heavy dialogues such as ‘I will beat you will die, I will die from being born again’, ‘Jumme ki raat hai, Badal ki baat, Allah bachaye tujhe mere war se’. All the emotional tracks in the story, the melodrama is coded in it. Action is strong.

Marjaavan Movie review

MaRajawan movie review
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Action, Drama Duration 2 hours 15 minutes


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