ujda chaman full movie download 1080p

ujda chaman full movie download 1080p full HD

Ujda chaman full movie download 1080p

ujda chaman full movie download 1080p

Ujda Chaman 

A balding 30-year-old bachelor in search of a beautiful wife is given a deadline to find one or remain celibate forever.

Ujda Chaman Full Story

“The heart talks about life, but love still begins with the Face.” The basic message of director Abhishek Pathak’s film Ujda Chaman, based on the problem of baldness in youth itself, is that love should be seen for love, not for human being. But this Abhishek has resorted to such loud comedies to say this deep thing that this heart remains buried somewhere.
‘Ujda Chaman’, a remake of the 2017 hit Kannada film Ondu Mottiah Kathe, is the sad tale of 30-year-old Hindi lecturer Chaman Kohli (Sunny Singh) of Hansraj College, Delhi University, who, being bald, makes everyone laugh. . Not only this, the biggest problem is that he is not getting married due to baldness, whereas according to an astrologer Guru Ji (Saurabh Shukla), if he is not married before the age of 31, he will become a monk. So, he tries to find a girl for himself, from college kulig to a friend’s wedding girls. At the same time, to hide his baldness, he thinks from applying a wig to a transplant, but it does not work. Somehow as Apsara (Manvi Gagru) she finds a girl who is willing to marry him, but she is not the Apsara of Chaman’s dreams. In such a situation, what will be the story, it will be known by watching the film.

Main Story of Ujda Chaman Full Movie in HD

One of the major problems of the film is the character of Chaman himself, he seems gentle and sensitive at some point, and at the very second moment his maid seems to be a confused and small-minded person, who does not sympathize with him. Sunny Singh’s acting on it is flat and emotionless. Soni’s Titu’s sweetie fame Sunny Singh had a big chance to show her performance in this film, but has not been able to take advantage of it. The most beloved character in the film is Apsara, who falls in love with her, tripling fame Manvi plays it as much as she does with love. The supporting cast of the film is good. Atul Kumar and Gruesha Kapoor play the role of Chaman’s parents. Other roles have also done justice to Gaurav Arora, Karisma Sharma, Aishwarya Sakhuja from their characters. The music of the film is not very effective. Not a single song from the film is in the Mirchi Top 20. At the same time, background music is also loud.

Cast of Ujda Chaman full movie in HD 1080p 


Ujda Chaman Movie Rating :- 8.1/10

Ujda Chaman full movie in HD 1080p

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